The White City Council approved setting the millage rate at three but rolling it back to zero during a business meeting at City Hall on Monday night.

The only people paying the city more are those who receive police citations. The council unanimously approved adding a $15 technology fee for whatever citation a police officer may issue an alleged violator. The technology fee is allowed per Georgia statute. That money would go toward the cost of the White Police Department’s technological hardware and usage.

Zoning ordinance updates were on the agenda, but the council unanimously decided to table it for further discussion during a future work session. A couple of council members mentioned that they are considering modeling those updates after Adairsville’s. In conjunction to the zoning updates decision, the council unanimously rejected a sign ordinance that was on the agenda until they review the zoning ordinance.

The council amended the police department’s budget to allow for a $4,659 repair of a patrol vehicle.

The next scheduled White City Council meeting is on Monday, August 5th.