The Georgia Department of Education released an updated version of its reopening guidance for schools today on the link below.–_v7-13-2020.pdf.

The Georgia Department of Public Health requested these updates to the plan, which better align it with their return to school guidance issued last month. The updates will equip districts and schools to mount a targeted response based on confirmed COVID-19 cases or exposures within a school community.

The updated guidance also clarifies advice on face coverings/masks. They are not state-mandated but are strongly recommended, particularly in settings where social distancing is challenging to accomplish.

Finally, the updates add a requirement for districts to keep a daily log of teachers, staff, and students who did not attend school due to COVID-19-related illness or were sent home due to COVID-19 symptoms. That if for assisting in contact-tracing efforts.

These are updates to the existing plan, and should not necessitate changes in already-developed district-level policies. Districts continue to have the flexibility to implement prevention strategies above and beyond the recommendations laid out in this guidance and adopt instructional models that best serve their students, teachers, and community.