Seddrick Damond Banks

Citing the unavailability of two witnesses, WV News reports the government has requested a delay of the September trial for 27-year-old Seddrick Damond Banks of Cartersville.

Banks has pleaded not guilty to a charge of accessory after the fact to the distribution of fentanyl, plus other drug and gun charges related to the death and dismemberment of 20-year-old Courtney Nicole Dubois in August 2018.

The U.S. District Judge has yet to rule on the motion by an assistant U.S. attorney. The proposal, which seeks a postponement to either October or early November, isn’t opposed by defense attorneys.

In January, a federal jury found 35-year-old Terrick Robinson of Cartersville guilty of drug distribution resulting in death and a myriad of other charges. He gave fentanyl to Dubois that caused her death in West Virginia. He then transported her body to Georgia, dismembered it, and disposed it at a Bartow County landfill.

Cartersville residents 33-year-old William Gregory Chappell, and 37-year-old Joel Jimenez have pled guilty to being a part of the drug distribution operation.

All three are still awaiting sentencing.