A Bartow County deputy arrested three people in the area of Bramblewood Trail and Branblewood Point Saturday afternoon after they allegedly ganged up on a nearby resident.

The alleged victim said he was moving a couch between 2:45 and 3:00 when he heard a loud motorcycle driving fast in the neighborhood driven by 18-year-old Colten Bradley Summers, who lived nearby. He yelled at Colten to slow down and walked towards the roadway. When he approached, Colten got off his motorcycle and took off his helmet. He was trying to tell Colten to slow down, and both parties started yelling. The next thing he knew, Colten hit him in the face with the helmet causing it to bleed. Colten’s roommate, 19-year-old Kendall Daniel Collum, and 17-year-old Garrett Britt Strickland of Rome ran up the street from their residence. Garrett grabbed him from behind in a bear-hug, and Kendall started hitting him in his face causing his nose and mouth to bleed.

Colten said he left his house and was headed towards a stop sign when the alleged victim came at him. He got off his motorcycle and took his helmet off. He stated the alleged victim threw a punch at him that hit his shoulder, so he used his helmet to protect himself.

Garrett said he ran up the street because he was going to his friend and was only trying to stop the fight.

Kendall said he was only trying to hold the alleged victim in a bear-hug to stop the fighting.

A delivery person and two other witnesses corroborated the alleged victim’s story.

A different witness said Colten took off his helmet. However, the alleged victim threw the first punch with Colten protecting himself.

The alleged victim refused treatment for his injuries.

The responding deputy arrested Colten for aggravated assault, Kendall for battery, and Garrett for simple battery.