A woman stated she was asleep in her home on Hazelwood Road near Cartersville early Saturday morning when she heard someone kick in her door. She got up and looked at the front door, but it was secure. When she started towards her back door, she observed a white male standing in the doorway leading from her sunroom into her dining room.

A white male dressed in all black with his face covered was standing in the doorway. The complainant stated that all you could see was his eyes. The male said, “I’m here for Echo.” The woman stated, “You’re in my house,” and the male once again said, “I’m here for Echo.” He then fled out the back door.

The complainant followed the male out the door and observed him jumping off her back deck and running towards a white extended cab Chevrolet truck backed up to her shed. The vehicle then began driving towards Hazelwood Road while the male ran towards Hazelwood Road.

The complainant stated Echo is a black male that stayed at her residence for several days but left approximately two days before this incident.

The responding deputy observed the door to her shed being open and her back door damaged due to someone kicking it.

The complainant stated that she did not observe anything missing from the shed or the residence.