On Wednesday, the National Weather Service confirmed an EF1 tornado briefly touched down in Cartersville on Thursday, March 25th.

They reported the tornado had an estimated peak wind of 95 miles per hour. The path was 2.85 miles long and 200 yards wide and lasted about five minutes.

The tornado first touched down as it crossed Joe Frank Harris Parkway on the north side of town, uprooting a few pine trees onto powerlines. The storm tracked northeast, crossing Oakridge Drive, uprooting trees onto and next to homes in the neighborhood along that street. The tornado intensified to its maximum intensity. It crossed onto Green Acre Lane and Ridgedale Road, where numerous trees were snapped or uprooted onto and around homes. Also, several houses had shingles or portions of their roof peeled back.

The storm continued northeast, crossed Grassdale Road and along Old Grassdale road, blew out the Texaco`s windows and doors, and blew out portions of a wall, blowing insulation into a nearby treeline. Also, numerous trees were snapped or uprooted onto or near homes in that vicinity. The storm then hit a large metal warehouse at TrinityRail peeling large portions of its metal roof and throwing the panels hundreds of yards to the north of the building or over the northeastern edge of the warehouse. The storm then crossed Peeples Valley Road, snapping and uprooting trees on both sides before moving into a large wooded area and lifting before reaching I-75.