Aaliyah Huriyyah Saahir

Georgia State Patrol, Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputies, and Cartersville Police were on the scene of a semi-trailer truck fire on I-75 southbound between mile markers 289 and 288 on Monday morning just before 1:00. All southbound lanes of the interstate were blocked for the fire department.

A dark 1999 Toyota Camry drove up at a high rate of speed in the lane where a marked Cartersville patrol vehicle was parked . The officer next to his vehicle put a hand up and made eye contact with the driver, who finally stopped the car.

The car then attempted to squeeze through emergency vehicles, narrowly missed the patrol vehicle, and continued towards the officer. The officer had to push off the Camry and roll to the side to keep from being pinned in between the two vehicles.

The Camry accelerated, swerved past the patrol vehicles, and continued southbound at over 90 miles per hour. A GSP trooper immediately returned to a patrol car and pursued the subject. The driver traveled at a high rate of speed while exiting at mile marker 288.

As the driver approached the top of the ramp, she failed to stop at the stop sign and almost struck a civilian vehicle. The driver attempted to turn right onto East Main Street towards downtown Cartersville but was unsuccessful.

The driver failed to maintain her lane and traveled off the roadway into the median on East Main Street. The driver regained control and continued to travel west on East Main Street.

During this time, the driver failed to maintain her lane consistently, improperly passed another vehicle, drove in an erratic fashion, sped, and failed to signal lane changes. The driver slowed down while the trooper was attempting the first of 3 PIT maneuvers.

The driver then turned around and began traveling back towards the interstate. Once the oncoming vehicle passed, the trooper executed the second PIT maneuver. The vehicle traveled across the raised median and spun out on the westbound side of East Main Street.

The driver then attempted to travel back onto the eastbound lanes. At this time, the trooper initiated the third and final PIT maneuver. The vehicle traveled back across the median and came to rest in the westbound lanes near Canyon Parkway.

The trooper immediately exited the patrol car and removed the driver from her vehicle. With the help of Cartersville Police, the driver was handcuffed and taken into custody. She had a very strong odor of alcohol.

Georgia State Patrol has identified her as 29-year-old Aaliyah Huriyyah Saahir of Norcross. She received 25 charges including one for aggravated assault on a Cartersville Police Officer.