A man was shot outside a residence on Hall Street north of Acworth on Friday afternoon.

The victim said he went to talk to his estranged wife when the suspect told him to leave. The victim allegedly asked, “are you going to pull your little gun out.” When the suspect reportedly pulled his gun out, the victim purportedly said, “shoot me,” so the suspect shot one round into the victim’s right upper thigh.

Two witnesses started driving the victim to the hospital until they saw a patrol vehicle and turned around to meet the deputies at the residence. EMS saw an entry and exit wound and took the victim to a hospital for treatment.

A witness on nearby Creek Trail said she heard yelling, went outside, and saw the victim standing at his car in front of her house. She stated she heard the victim say he would burn her house down and walked away. She never heard a gunshot and saw the victim walking fine.

The next-door neighbor on Creek Trail said he did see the victim outside his car but did hear a gunshot. He said he heard the victim say, “you shot me,” and saw him get into his car and drive away.

Deputies could not locate the suspect at the time of the report. The case is under investigation.