A gunshot victim flagged a Bartow County deputy at the Georgia Department of Natural Resources office in Red Top Mountain State Park on Thursday afternoon. The man had gunshot wounds to his lower stomach and an arm.

While waiting for an ambulance, the victim said he was at a residence on Westwood Lane near Acworth when he heard a female screaming through the woods at an address on Pickys Hollow behind the home.

He and two other males walked through the woods to see if they could help and saw a white male arguing with a white female. The victim said the male told him to leave and started arguing when someone shot him twice. The victim said he left in his friend’s vehicle to go to the DNR office for help.

That friend told deputies that she saw four males fighting and heard gunshots. That is when the victim ran to her vehicle for help.

The male arguing with the female told deputies he told the victim and the other two males to get off his property and began recording them on his smartphone. He says the three males started beating him up when he heard three or four gunshots that caused the males to stop fighting. That male went inside his residence and called 911. He saw that one of the three males had dropped a mobile phone and a knife.

A woman said she saw three white males fighting with her son, heard several shots, and ran back inside with her son.

The BCSO stated that they do not know about the current health status of the shooting victim and cannot provide medical information. We’ll also be checking on the developments of the investigation.