Joey Dewayne Lee

Bartow County deputies were dispatched to investigate a physical domestic dispute that allegedly occurred at a residence on McKaskey Creek Road in Cartersville on Sunday night.

The complainant stated her husband, 45-year-old Joey Dewayne Lee, was very drunk and started yelling for no reason when their family sat down for dinner. She said when she tried to calm him down, Lee stood up, threw a plate of food, and broke a chair on the kitchen table.

She stated when she tried to get him away from the three kids, he grabbed her by the neck. She was pushed and held down on the couch while being choked. She said she blacked out. She also stated she later remembered him throwing the kitchen chair on the back porch. She said the kids watched everything happen. She was able to get all three kids and leave.

Deputies observed red marks around her neck as well as the broken chair. EMS recommended she see a doctor.

Joey Lee was arrested and booked into the jail on Tuesday morning for aggravated assault resulting in strangulation, criminal trespass damage to property, and three counts of cruelty to children in the third degree for intentionally allowing children under the age of 18 to witness the commission of a forcible felony. He was released Tuesday afternoon on $9,000 bond.