On Sunday night, dispatch sent a Bartow County deputy to Busch Drive near Old Grassdale Road about an assault.

The reported victim advised that he was working on a disabled truck at around 9:30 when he heard a vehicle stop behind him.

As he turned to look back, he advised that a white male hit him in the back of the head with an object, knocking him to the ground. He said he could not tell if the item was a metal pipe or wooden stick. He stated the suspect then hit him with the object across the right jawline and mouth. The deputy observed an abrasion to the head with a swollen jaw and bleeding mouth.

The victim advised that he did not see the male other than a view from the waist down showing the assailant wearing shorts. He stated that the suspect then unloaded a large toolbox from the truck’s bed containing all his tools and a welding power supply. The perpetrator then reportedly took the battery from the disabled truck before leaving.

The victim refused medical treatment on the scene.