The Bartow County Sheriff’s Office arrested someone connected to a two-year-old seen walking unattended on the street on Benfield Circle at about 9:30 Thursday morning.

The BCSO made several different attempts to locate the parents of the child. None of the people within the neighborhood recognized the child or where he resided. They contacted the Bartow County Department of Family and Children Services to assist. Deputies took the child to the Sheriff’s Office to be cared for while DFCS attempted to locate the kid’s residence.

Over three hours after someone notified the BCSO of the unattended child, someone called, saying he had lost his child and couldn’t find him. Deputies arrived at the residence on Benfield Circle and spoke to 18-year-old Chase Kentraivion Wilson. He stated that the child was his younger brother and that he was supposed to be watching him. Chase said he checked to see if the kid was sleeping around eight a.m. and then went to bed. He told a deputy that he was tired from watching his brother all night and fell asleep. Chase later told another deputy that he had a gaming addiction and played video games all night, so he could not care for the kid. Chase’s mother later arrived on the scene and said she had been at an appointment since 07:30 that morning and that Chase was supposed to watch the boy while she was gone.

Due to Chase’s knowledge that he was supposed to take care of his brother, the amount of time that he was missing from the residence, and the conflicting story about why he fell asleep, they arrested Chase Wilson for cruelty to a child in the second degree due to criminal negligence.