Law enforcement arrested a man in Cartersville who allegedly led them on a vehicle chase and a foot chase, ran inside a business, and took an officer’s weapon before being apprehended.

At about 4:22 Wednesday afternoon, a Georgia State Patrol trooper attempted to perform a traffic stop on a black Kia Forte for violating the Hands-Free Georgia Act on U.S. 411 at its intersection with State Route 20.

The driver of the Forte accelerated, initiating a pursuit. The Kia reportedly traveled south on Tennessee Street at a high rate of speed and recklessly.

The Kia Forte turned left onto Gentilly Boulevard and continued fleeing. The driver attempted to turn right into the Harbin Clinic Family Medicine parking lot and lost control striking the curb.

The driver exited his vehicle and fled on foot inside the Harbin Clinic Family Medicine building. The Trooper pursued the driver into the complex, drew his Taser, and gave verbal commands. The suspect reportedly turned around, struck the Trooper’s right hand, took away his Taser, and fled with it.

The Trooper and a Cartersville Police Officer chased the suspect with their primary service weapons drawn into the Harbin Clinic gastroenterology building. They reportedly gave loud verbal commands for the driver to get on the ground. The suspect complied, and they took him into custody.

The suspect, 34-year-old Aaron Earnest McQueen of Pearson, had his license suspended for failure to appear and a warrant for aggravated assault.

Concerning this incident, McQueen received warrants for theft by taking, obstructing a law enforcement officer, removing a weapon from a public official, fleeing a police officer, and other traffic-related charges.