Blake Ryan McAlavy

A local man ended up behind bars on April 8th for pointing a firearm at a Cartersville Police officer.

The officer was dispatched to a residence on Green Ives Lane at 12:51 a.m. to investigate a hit and run.

The officer approached the residence and knocked on the door. 34-year-old Blake Ryan McAlavy allegedly responded from inside, “Who is it?” The officer responded loudly with “Cartersville Police Department.” McAlavy then reportedly told the officer to enter, but the door was locked. The officer advised McAlavy of this, and the whole sequence repeated itself.

McAlavy then allegedly stated that if the officer wanted to speak to him, the officer would have to get the door open. After more knocking, the officer reported that McAlavy said, “You are about to get a gun,” twice and then the sound of footsteps went through the residence.

The officer began backing away from the house and called for a backup unit. McAlavy then allegedly swung the door open and pointed an AR-style rifle at the officer. The officer then drew a department-issued firearm and commanded McAlavy to drop the weapon. McAlavy reportedly stepped to the side of the door, where the officer couldn’t see him.

The officer continued giving loud verbal commands for McAlavy to drop the weapon and come out of the house. McAlavy then allegedly walked back in front of the door with his hands in the air, still having the firearm in his left hand.

The officer then commanded McAlavy to drop the gun on the ground, and he complied. The officer then got him to comply with more demands until another officer arrived to arrest him.

Blake McAlavy received charges for an aggravated assault involving a firearm upon a peace officer and hit and run.