Cass High School principal Steve Revard notified parents yesterday about an incident on campus. Bartow County Schools superintendent Phillip Page confirmed that a student had a gun on campus.

He said the school staff did a great job because part of their assemblies in student training is “if you see something, say something,” so a student did just that. That allowed administrators trained in what to do in this situation and the on-campus police officer to act accordingly. They talked to the suspected student, searched, found a weapon, and notified law enforcement. The firearm was loaded, and the student now faces serious school and legal consequences.

Dr. Page addressed parents upset about being notified after school was closed and hesitant to send their kids back to school. He said they didn’t want to disrupt the school day if they didn’t have to, and they handled things quietly. Page likes the community and especially the families in that particular school to know that they dealt with the situation and did what they’ve trained themselves to do. He says they can’t guarantee or promise anything in their schools, just like in everyday life, but want to make the community know that they are creating the safest schools they possibly can with their training and planning.

Principal Revard stated he is confident their swift action and severe consequences will deter and send a message to anyone who may consider violating their zero-tolerance weapons policy.