Region 7AAAA and Region 5AAA are among other regions who will play mini-games on Monday to determine who will represent their region in the playoffs. The outcome of the Region 5AAA mini-games will decide #3 and #4 seeds and if Rockmart, Cedartown or Pepperell will be Adairsville’s first round opponent. The Monday mini-games may push that game to Saturday instead of Friday. Details will be finalized on Tuesday. Those mini-games will be played at Paulding County High School at 6 PM.

Region 7AAAA will have mini-games at Coahulla Creek between NW Whitfield, SW Whitfield and Heritage to decide the #4 seed. The winner travels to top ranked Buford in round one.

The procedure for mini-games is listed below as taken from the GHSA by-laws:

GHSA TIE-BREAKER MINI-GAME PROCEDURE (NOTE: The option to play a Mini-Game to break a tie is available only to regions that have adopted the GHSA plan for breaking ties without any modifications)

1. The schools shall meet at a site selected by the GHSA Executive Director for a playoff on the Monday night after the end of the regular season.
2. The games will consist of two five-minute halves. The play begins for the first half with a free kick, and standard game rules and scoring are used.
3. There will be a two-minute intermission between the halves. Play begins for the second half with a free kick.
4. Each team will be given two (2) timeouts in the first five (5) minutes and one timeout in the second five (5) minutes. Unused timeouts in the first five minutes may be carried over to the second five minutes.
5. If the score is tied at the end of two overtime periods, the teams will go to the GHSA 15-yard overtime procedure.
6. A coin toss will determine the order of play.
a. When three teams are tied for one open spot, the team winning the toss gets a bye – and then plays the winning team of the first Tie-Breaker game.
Example: Team “C” gets a bye
Team “A” plays Team “B”
Team “C” plays the winner of game 1
Winner of game 2 qualifies for the playoffs
b. When three teams are tied for two open spots, the following format will be used.
Example: Team “C” get a bye
Team “A” plays Team “B” and the winner qualifies
Team “C” plays the loser of game 1 and the winner qualifies
If Team “C” wins game 2, the regular season winner between Team “C” and
the winner of game 1 will have the higher placement