Weather permitting, the Cassville White Road bridge over I-75 will be closed from Friday evening at 7:30 until Monday morning at 5:30. The closure will allow Georgia Department of Transportation crews to continue constructing two roundabouts at the interchanges at I-75. Traffic can still enter and exit the interstate, but vehicles cannot cross over the bridge during this time.

Traffic on the west side of the bridge on Cassville White Road can turn south onto I-75. For vehicles to go north or reach the other side of the bridge, traffic must take the interstate down to exit 293/Highway 411 and then north on I-75. Traffic on the east side of the bridge can turn north on I-75. For vehicles to go south, traffic will need to take Cassville White Road east to Highway 411 and then follow it south to the I-75 interchange at exit 293/Highway 411.