Tanya Estella Brooks

Cartersville Police arrested 53-year-old Tanya Estella Brooks of Cartersville near her residence on Brookside Court on December 30th about a shooting incident.

Her husband told police that she accused him of cheating on her, became irate, and shot out the back passenger side window of his black Kia Sorento. He stated he then got in his SUV and left so he wouldn’t get shot. Cartersville Police pulled him over on Postelle Street on South Tennessee Street.

Brooks said they were going through a divorce and said the alleged victim shouldn’t have been there. She stated she threw all his work clothes in an outdoor trash can, poured bleach on them, and told him he needed to leave. She noticed him possibly messing with her vehicle, so she retrieved her firearm, closed her eyes, and fired a shot toward his SUV.

Tanya Brooks faces charges of aggravated assault involving a firearm, reckless conduct, criminal trespass, and possession of a firearm during the commission of certain crimes.