A Bartow County deputy arrested a woman in Emerson after an irate dispute in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby at 180 Market Square in Cartersville on April 5th.

A complainant stated she saw 56-year-old Susan Denise Abels of Indianapolis, Indiana leave her shopping cart on the sidewalk. The cart rolled into the passenger side door of her 2021 Kia Soul, leaving a sizable dent.

The complainant exited the store and confronted Abels about the damage. However, Abels apparently shrugged it off and continued to her SUV. She then warned Abels she would get a picture of her license plate and call the police. Abels supposedly told her to go away. When she didn’t, Abels allegedly exited her SUV and pepper-sprayed the complainant across her eyes. This action reportedly caused temporary blindness, searing pain, and large amounts of redness on her face. While the complainant was trying to regain her sight, Abels allegedly backed her vehicle into the complainant. The complainant did not sustain an injury from that.

Abels drove away, and Cartersville Fire treated the complainant for the pepper spray.

A deputy arrested Abels during a traffic stop near Stars Way. Cartersville Police charged Abels with aggravated assault and battery.