Pamela Kellam Holt

BCSO deputies used a canine at a residence on Holt Road near Cartersville to arrest a 63-year-old woman accused of shooting at two UPS employees on Tuesday night.

The two employees parked at the end of the driveway and walked to the house to deliver a package. They announced themselves to Pamela Kellam Holt, who sat in the carport. Holt allegedly went inside, returned with a shotgun, pointed it at the employees, and fired three shots as they ran away.

Deputies say the employees were wearing easily identifiable UPS uniforms. Deputies told Holt to face away from them and place her hands above her head. However, she continuously walked in and out of her house multiple times.

An acquaintance of Holt’s spoke with deputies away from the house. He said Holt called him saying three Mexicans walked up her driveway, and she fired rounds into the air to get them to leave.

When a negotiator approached her in the garage, another deputy tried tasing Holt. However, it failed to make contact with her.

A canine apprehended her by her left forearm, and deputies placed Holt in restraints.

Deputies reported a strong odor of alcohol coming from her. They located a double-barrel shotgun with two live rounds in the chamber just inside the carport door.

Pamela Holt received two counts of aggravated assault involving a firearm and one for obstructing or hindering a law enforcement officer.