Justin Phillip Fricks

A Bartow County deputy arrested 36-year-old Justin Phillip Fricks of Taylorsville during a traffic stop on Alford Road near Rome on Saturday morning. The arrested regarded a violent rampage that began at his residence on Euharlee Road.

After three in the morning, while he was allegedly very intoxicated, he reportedly grabbed the steering wheel of a go-kart and caused it to slam into a brick fire pit. Fricks then reportedly punched his sister’s friend in the face and dented his sister’s Ford Escape. His sister said she threatened him with a sledgehammer. However, Fricks reportedly took it from her and used it to smash her rear passenger window. His sister and her friend then left his residence.

Later, a woman said she went to Fricks’ residence to drop their son off for visitation with him but found him passed out in a bed smelling of alcohol and marijuana. She stated she got irritated and told him she would bring their son back the next day when he was sober. At that point, Fricks reportedly got angry and told her she wasn’t leaving.

She stated she called 911, and Fricks told her he was getting into her gray Mazda 3 with them. She said he mentioned he would kill all of the deputies in front of her and their son if she stopped.

The responding deputy found him sitting in the passenger seat shirt and shoeless with blood on him. He did not resist. The BCSO charged Justin Fricks with two counts of kidnapping, false imprisonment, and cruelty to a child in the third degree for the latter incident. They charged him with criminal damage to property in the second degree for the first incident. The man he struck did not want to pursue charges for battery and terroristic threats and acts. Fricks also had a misdemeanor violation of probation warrant from November 6th, 2018.