Jonathan Matthew Lira

A physical domestic dispute led to a tense situation involving Adairsville Police and Bartow County SWAT at the Adairsville Arms Apartments on Joe Frank Harris Parkway Monday afternoon. A neighbor was able to advise the alleged victim to talk to the police.

The alleged victim stated that during an argument, her boyfriend (26-year-old Jonathan Matthew Lira) placed his hands around her throat in an attempt to strangle her. This was apparently witnessed by one of the victim’s juvenile children. She stated Lira then pointed a 9mm handgun at her while they were arguing.

She also stated that Lira chocked and strangled her during an argument on Sunday as well.

According to an Adairsville Police press release, the victim had markings consistent with something being placed around her neck. Warrants were obtained on Jonathan Lira for aggravated assault resulting in strangulation, cruelty to a child in the third degree, and pointing a gun at another person.

Officers first knocked on the door of Lira’s apartment, but he refused to open the door or communicate with them. The alleged victim got Lira on the phone. She advised that Lira stated if the police entered the residence, he would have around 100 rounds of ammunition and a Taurus 9mm pistol to shoot at police with.

Adairsville Chief of Police Mike Jones had SWAT notified and they quickly arrived. After a few minutes, Lira surrendered without incident and was arrested. Upon execution of a search warrant, the pistol and ammunition were located under a mattress.