An anonymous caller advised E-911 at 9:51 Friday morning about a maroon 1999 wheelchair-accessible van with a disabled parking permit traveling from Marietta to Somerset Club Drive off State Route 20 Spur with a large shipment of marijuana and crack cocaine. The caller advised the van would get off I-75 at exit 290 in around 30 minutes with two male occupants.

At around 10:15, a deputy observed the vehicle, saw that the registered owner had no valid driver’s license, matched the facial description of the driver with the registered owner, and initiated a traffic stop, which was executed at Circle K on Highway 20 in Cartersville. After smelling a strong odor of fresh marijuana, the deputy detained the driver, who was 55-year-old Carlton Bundy.

Deputies assisted the second male, who was confined to wheelchair, out of the van. A grocery bag containing five sandwich bags containing around one ounce of marijuana each was located under the driver’s seat.

Due to the second male being unable to access anything in the van along with his medical history, he was released from the scene.

While in the patrol vehicle, Bundy said that he was going to kill the deputies. The comments were captured on camera.

Carlton Bundy was charged with felony terroristic threats and acts and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.