On Friday morning, a deputy was dispatched to the main lobby of the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office in reference to forgery in the third degree.

Upon arrival, the deputy met a resident of Millstone Point in Adairsville who told the deputy that she received a fake check and an e-mail instructing her how to cash it.

According to the complainant, after using an online job application on indeed.com, she received an e-mail from Community Health Systems (CHS) telling her that her application has been reviewed and they will be contacting her to complete the hiring process.

She told the deputy that she didn’t send CHS an application. When she was told to use Google Hangouts and speak with Pamela at hrdesk.pamelatrudisill9@gmail.com for the remainder of the hiring process, she realized it was a scam. Later, she received a FedEx package which contained a check for $3,400. Then she received an e-mail instructing her what to do with the check and who to contact for further instructions.

She informed the deputy that she located an actual Community Health Systems company in Tennessee and contacted them to inform them about company name being used in a scam. During the conversation, she was told that they are aware of the scam. The names the perpetrators are using are actual employees of CHS, but the e-mails and contact numbers are not.

The deputy took the counterfeit check, a printout of the e-mail, and the Fed Ex delivery receipt and placed them into evidence.

The complainant was provided with a case number and advised that an incident report would be completed and turned over to the Criminal Investigation Division.

There is no further information.