Brumby William Massey

The Bartow County Sheriff’s Office reports they’ve arrested an 84-year-old man for threatening people with a gun outside his home.

Dispatch sent a deputy to a home on Shadow Lane near Cartersville Friday afternoon about a domestic disturbance later determined to be aggravated assault and terroristic threats.

Three complainants reported that the stepfather of one of them, Brumby William Massey, walked up to them in the yard, stating he would “take back the neighborhood” and kill them. They said he was waving a revolver around and pointed it at each of them.

A witness told the deputy she did not hear Massey make the threat but did see him point the gun at the three complainants. She described a silver gun in a black holster.

Massey told the deputy he did carry a gun with him but did not threaten anyone.

The deputy arrested Massey for three counts of aggravated assault and one count of felony terroristic threats and acts.

The deputy obtained the silver revolver, which was in the black holster.