Ashley Nicole Rabidou

One woman was arrested following a traffic accident on Highway 20 in Cartersville on Saturday afternoon.

According to the crash report from the Georgia State Patrol, a moped driven by 42-year-old Kimberly Simpson of Cartersville was traveling in the left lane of Highway 20 westbound, just east of Georgia 20 Spur. A Toyota Prius, driven by 32-year-old Ashley Rabidou of Canton, was approaching the rear of the moped. Three witnesses only saw the impact of the crash but said that the Prius struck the rear of the moped, causing Simpson to land on the hood of the Prius. The witnesses stated that Simpson fell off the hood and was run over by the Prius.

A fourth witness stated that Rabidou was driving aggressively near Simpson Circle. This witness further stated that Rabidou was swerving on the roadway and blowing her horn at her. The witness said that Rabidou looked back at her when she then accelerated and struck the moped driven by Simpson. A fifth witness confirmed the aforementioned events and stated that Rabidou was looking behind her when she accelerated and struck the moped.

Rabidou stated to the Georgia State Patrol trooper that the fourth witness had cut her off near Simpson Circle so she went around her vehicle. She said that she was not driving recklessly and never saw Simpson’s moped. When asked why she did not see the vehicle in front of her, Rabidou could not provide an answer.

Rabidou was arrested and charged with serious injury by vehicle, driving without a license on person, reckless driving, and following too closely by the Georgia State Patrol.