Bartow County EMA Director Paul Cuprowski sent an email to department heads on Saturday evening about possible winter weather beginning tonight. Here is what the email read:

“The forecast has changed again! It’s more serious now for us. They are predicting that Bartow County may get up to two to four inches of snow starting late Sunday night through Monday, and possibly some more on Tuesday and Wednesday. The fire department and I will have another weather briefing with the NOAA today at Station 1 at 3:00. If anyone would like to attend, please feel free. If the predication stays the same, I will probably activate the EOC this evening at 10:00.”

WBHF spoke to Cuprowski via the phone around 12:45 pm on Sunday. He said that it looked like the forecast had become less severe, but they will have the meeting with the NOAA today at 3:00 to see what the forecast is looking like. Check back for more updates about this winter weather advisory.