Recently, we reported on the booking of 66-year-old Terry Ray McMahan of Dallas into the Bartow County Jail on December 22nd for 79 warrants from July 2nd, 2021, to August 4th, 2023 – one for theft by deception, 71 for forgery in the first degree, and seven for identity fraud.

We have since then learned that an employee of United Community Bank on State Route 140 and Joe Frank Harris Parkway in Adairsville filed a fraud report with the Adairsville Police Department on September 11th. She stated that on July 2nd, 2021, an unknown person entered the bank and opened a checking account with $100 in the name of a man who had died 12 days earlier using a possible fraudulent ID card with the deceased man’s information. The employee said the unknown person cashed out 65 individual savings bonds within five separate visits to the same bank in two weeks, resulting in a total payout of almost $6,877. He then closed the checking account the next day with a final balance of about $6,926 that he withdrew.

The employee advised that the deceased man’s son had looked over his late father’s finances, noticed the cashed-out savings bonds, and that valuables were missing from his father’s residence. She said that’s when the bank began an investigation. The son suggested that McMahan was a possible suspect because he was his father’s caregiver and friend, had lived with his father until his passing, and had access to all of his father’s financial information.

Terry McMahan remains in the Bartow County Jail without bond.