Christian A. Coomer

The Supreme Court of Georgia Wednesday suspended Judge Christian Coomer of Georgia’s Court of Appeals with pay. The suspension is pending the final determination of the Judicial Qualifications Commission’s proceeding against him.

On Tuesday, the Investigative Panel of the Commission filed a consent motion to suspend Judge Coomer, pending the final determination of the proceeding against him.

The Formal Charges filed by the Director of the commission against Judge Coomer on December 28th allege 26 violations of the Georgia Code of Judicial Conduct.

In the motion, the Investigative Panel represents that it can and is prepared to present verified evidence to the Georgia Supreme Court that supports the Formal Charges’ allegations. The allegations are that Judge Coomer demonstrated a pattern of misconduct over the course of several years. That would make his continued service on his court a substantial threat of serious harm to administrating justice until the case’s resolution against him.

The motion further represents that Judge Coomer admits that the Director could prove that evidence supports the allegations. Therefore, Judge Coomer agrees that those allegations warrant his interim suspension.

The Investigative Panel’s previous motion to suspend filed on December 29th is moot.

Coomer previously represented citizens in parts of Bartow and Floyd counties in the Georgia House of Representatives.