Cartersville Police believe they have solved the mystery regarding loud booms that city residents have heard at night this week.

On Tuesday night, Cartersville officers went to Quality Inn and Suites on 235 South Dixie Avenue about a possible pipe bomb that exploded behind the building. The complainant said two white males in a white 2007 Cadillac Escalade had driven around the building’s office.

While investigating, officers detained 27-year-old Tyler Ryan Spears of Calhoun and 31-year-old Corey Dale Hannah of Snellville. Several witness statements confirmed their involvement in the possible explosions, saying that Spears and Hannah were laughing while running from the scene of a blast and entering the Escalade.

They identified two separate locations in the parking lot where there may have been explosions. So, they evacuated the building and contacted the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s bomb squad. The squad collected samples from the two marks left in the parking lot.

Authorities investigated Spears and Hannah’s hotel room and vehicles, which did not yield explosives. The CPD and the GBI are trying to determine the type of explosives the suspects used.

CPD secured warrants for Corey Hannah and Tyler Spears for terroristic threats and acts due to causing the hotel’s evacuation and disorderly conduct for placing the public in reasonable fear.

This case is still under investigation.