A dirty bomb was called in to the Bartow County Sherriff’s Department on Saturday evening around 9:30; Bartow County Fire Department was also on the scene. There were two bombs on the scene of the Lutheran Church off of Pine Hill Grove in Cartersville. When the first bomb detonated, residents called 911. The hazmat team packaged up the remnants of the explosion. No injuries were reported. Once the Bartow County Sherriff’s Office is through with the evidence, the hazmat team will dispose of the other bomb. Once a bomb detonates, it becomes a hazmat team incident, but is a law enforcement incident prior to the detonation. A dirty bomb, or Draino bomb, is when someone takes a plastic bottle and puts Draino or another acid in it and mixes it with aluminum. Once they seal the contents in the bottle, it causes a chemical chain reaction and the chemical bottle will swell and rupture. The explosion usually causes severe damage to anything within two to three feet.