Press Release:

Cartersville Fire Chief Scott Carter and Police Chief Frank McCann announced a new display at the Cartersville Public Safety Building located at 195 Cassville Road. After months of work, a piece of 9/11 steel from the Twin Towers, along with a front page of the Cartersville Tribune, from that time, has been placed in the lobby. According to the Cartersville Fire Chief, “This rather large section weighing over 100 pounds is from one of the Twin Towers that collapsed on 9/11.” Carter went on to say, “This artifact was donated to us from FDNY after Lt. Chad Hendrix got the ball rolling in the spring. They actually drove down and personally delivered it to us. To be honest, when it arrived there were very few words spoken. We were humbled to be in the presence of this steel. When you touch it and really think about what and who it represents, it leaves you speechless.”

Based on reports from New York Fire Department, this particular piece is one of the clips that held the massive beams together that formed the superstructure of the Twin Towers. When discussing how FDNY would prefer it to be displayed, they informed local officials that they would prefer for it not to be under glass. They wanted the steel in the open so viewers could actually touch and feel a section of the Twin Towers.

The goal of the two departments was to have this on display in time for the 15th anniversary of 9/11. Once it arrived work began on how to set it up. The stand on which it is placed was hand made by Lt. Steven Ogle, of the Fire Department. In addition to the steel, Battalion Chief Tim McClung donated the front page of the Cartersville Tribune dated 9-13-2001 for the display. The two pieces came together for a power point of reflection that reminds us of the day we should “Never Forget.”

Chief Carter spoke on the importance of this display, “This is an opportunity to reflect on one of the most tragic days in our nation’s history, but equally important it is a reminder of how our community and the nation came together as one. We all have heard the cry Never Forget, this is a chance to say yes I remember.” Police Chief McCann echoed sentiments about that day, “We are honored to have a piece of World Trade Center Twin Towers at the Cartersville Public Safety Building because it reminds us of the good people that lost their lives,  including the public safety personnel.  Many of the public safety employees lost their lives attempting to save citizens who were trapped in those building because of that heinous cowardly terrorist attack on our citizens.”

Cartersville’s two Chiefs encourage all who wish to stop by the Public Safety Headquarters and see the display to do so. The Public Safety Headquarters lobby is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to the new display, you can also see law enforcement tools from over the years, historic photos and Cartersville Fire Department’s 1918 American LaFrance fire truck, which was the first motorized firetruck purchased by the City of Cartersville. This truck actually replaced the horse drawn fire wagons that were used by the fire department