A white male with a white beard in a lifted older gray Toyota 4Runner reportedly shot a gray Nissan Altima on southbound I-75 early Tuesday morning.

The complainant advised that the truck drove fast behind him and began to follow him.

He said every time he switched lanes, the pursuing vehicle did the same until it pulled up to his right side with the suspect pointing a pistol at him.

The complainant said he sped up to escape but slowed again because he didn’t want a ticket.

He then stated that the driver pointed the pistol at him again, and when he sped up again to get away, the suspect fired one shot that hit the back of his car.

He said the driver got ahead, got off at exit 296 for Cass White Road, and turned toward Peeples Valley Road.

An investigator noted that the bullet entered the trunk, went through the back and front passenger seats, and then hit the radio.