Press Release from Emerson P.D.

On Thursday August 13th 2015 at 8:23PM the Emerson Police Dept received a call of an accident on US 41, in the area of Zep industries, involving an overturned tractor trailer.  Upon arrival it was determined there was a Toytota Tundra (pickup), overturned, and pinned underneath the cab of the tractor trailer.  Both vehicles were on top of the guardrail on the Southbound shoulder of US 41.  The driver of the TT escaped unharmed.  There were four people in the Toyota, a mother, father, and their two juvenile daughters.  Prior to LE arrival one of the girls was removed from the vehicle by bystanders.  A total of three persons were extricated from the vehicle over a period of 1 ½ hours.

The TT was determined to be carrying corrosive hazardous materials.  Once on scene we found some of these materials had leaked from the trailer.

The investigation revealed that the driver of the TT was conducting an pre-trip inspection of his truck in the lot of Zep industries prior to departing with his load.  During this time the truck began to roll due to failure of the driver to set the parking brakes.  The truck traveled, uncontrolled, down a step entrance/exit to the business, gaining speed as it traveled towards US 41 where it struck the Toyota which was travelling North on US 41.  The TT pushed the Toyota across the median, across all southbound lanes, with both vehicles overturning.

Due to the HazMat situation the cleanup took approx 8 ½ hours with all lanes of US 41 being opened back up at approx 5:00AM

It was determined, early on in the investigation, that no local residents were in any danger from the HazMat spill.  All materials were found to be common household cleaners/degreasers.

Based off of the investigation the TT driver was arrested and charged with the following:


-Vehicular Homicide

-Involuntary manslaughter

-Reckless Conduct

Tractor Driver:

-Ivan Delgato (53) Rome, NY

Trucking Co:

-Celadon Trucking, (Indiana)

Passengers in Toyota:

-Reed Carr (36) (driver) transported in stable condition/Kennestone

-Kyra Carr (31) (front seat passenger) deceased on scene

Juvenile (4) (backseat passenger/car seat) serious but stable/Scottish Rite

-Juvenile (4) (backseat passenger/car seat) serious but stable/ Scottish Rite