Press Release:  At 12:48pm Saturday Bartow County EMS, Cartersville FD and Cartersville PD responded to Waterford Dr to a 3 year old female found in a private swimming pool. Upon arrival to the scene Bartow County EMS found the patient unconscious, unresponsive and not breathing. CPR was initiated by family and once on the scene Bartow County EMS and CFD continued CPR. The patient was quickly moved to the ambulance without CPR being interrupted. Once in the ambulance Bartow County EMS Paramedics began Advanced life support measures. CFD firefighter drove the ambulance to the hospital so both Paramedics could continue treatment and resuscitation efforts while en route to the hospital. The patient was transported to CMC. Upon arrival to the hospital efforts where continued by the emergency room staff and emergency room Doctor. The patient did not respond to any treatment methods preformed.