Here’s your chance to call in to the radio for our Saturday show, A&M in the AM.  We’ll talk High School football, local events, world events or whatever else happens to come to mind.  This is one of those shows where you, the audience, have the ability to steer the ship by simply picking up the phone and givinig us a call at 770-386-1450.

We do have some guests coming into studios in the second hour.  At 8:35AM, we’ll have people from the upcoming play, “Convention,” in studios to discuss this latest production by the Pumphouse Players.  We’ll talk with Jen Garrett, Alaina Anderson, Lucy Simpson, Stephen Mullinax, and Tony Bowers, who will give us a breakdown of the show and tell you why it’s worth you spending some of your entertainment dollars to see.

And, due illness, Charles Depp will not be able to bring us AM Car Help so we’ll open the phonelines again for your calls.  We do hope to have Gretchen Barkely join us via phone to recap last night’s Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society.

Don’t forget, The Jagged Stones are playing tonight at the Grand Theatre.  The box office will open a 6PM and the show begins at 7PM.

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