Good morning and welcome to a Joe Tilley Thursday edition of Bartow’s Morning News, bringing you the best in news, weather, traffic and sports on your award-winning community radio station.

atlanta_steeplechase_logoWe have one guest segment prior to Joe Tilley. At 7:40AM, India Wilkinson with Atlanta Steeplechase will join us via phone to talk about the upcoming 49th Annual horse race at Kingston Downs on Saturday, April 19. We’ll talk about the other events taking place that day, both inside and around the track, and all of the activities for children as well as adults.

Then we start the Joe Tilley Show in hour three. Joe Tilley will be talking all about…well, we have no clue what he’ll be talking about, so tune in, throw your expectations out the window, put your heels up and enjoy Joe’s brand of widely scattered humor and even more scattered interview skills. It’s why everyone both knows and loves, Joe!

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