It’s time for a Wednesday edition of Bartow’s Morning News, broadcasting the very best in local news, weather, traffic and sports on your award-winning community radio station. We have three guest segments today.

WoodlandFBhelmetWe start with the Coaches Corner at 7:40AM. Wednesday’s are reserved for the Woodland Wildcats head football coach, Tony Plott. We’ll talk about last Friday’s loss against the Forsyth Central Bulldogs and their preparation for this week’s on-the-road game to the Sprayberry Yellow Jackets.

Then, at 7:50AM, Brad Cowart and Dustin Dickens will be back in our studios to remind everyone about the March to the Mountain commemorative walk this coming Friday.

And at 8:40AM, Parnick Jennings will be here to remind everyone about today’s Public Servants Appreciation Lunch at the Civic Center.

Tune in for Fox News at the top of each hour, state-wide headlines from GNN at the bottom of each hour, and local news, weather, traffic and sports in between. It’s all here on your award-winning AM 1450 and 100.3 FM WBHF.