It’s time for a Wednesday edition of Bartow’s Morning News, broadcasting the very best in local news, weather, traffic and sports on your award-winning community radio station. We have three guest segments today.

At 7:40AM, we’ll be joined by Brenda Cooper who will talk about the upcoming Reality Store. It’s going to be an all-day event with two shifts and she needs volunteers to help with this life-sized game of Life.

BarryLoudermilkThen, at 8:40AM, US Congressman Barry Loundermilk will call into the show with his thoughts and comments on last night’s final State of the Union address by President Obama.

Tune in for Fox News at the top of each hour, state-wide headlines from GNN at the bottom of each hour, and local news, weather, traffic and sports in between. It’s all here on your award-winning AM 1450 and 100.3 FM WBHF.