Bartow's Morning News Web AdIt’s the first day of school!  All of us at WBHF hope today is the first of many safe commutes for all of our students, bus drivers and parents.  Keep it tuned to WBHF every morning to get the very best in local news, weather, traffic and sports on your award-winning community radio station.

We have two back-to-back guest segments today in the third hour.  Initially, we had planned on bringing Jessica Mitchum, Executive Director of the Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter during hour two, but everyone forgot that it was the first day of school!  So, we’ll make it all work between 8:40AM and 9:00AM.

Since it’s the first Wednesday of the month, at 8:40AM, Tara Currier, Director of the Downtown Development Authority, joins us, along with Dr. Paul Sabin, to go over the DDA’s upcoming events for the month of August.

The, at 8:50AM, we’ll bring Jessica Mitchum to the microphone to discuss happenings at the Homeless Shelter.

Watch for Meal or No Meal, too!  Today we play for a gift certificate to Johnny Mitchell’s Smokehouse.

Tune in for Fox News at the top of each hour, state-wide headlines from GNN at the bottom of each hour, and local news, weather, traffic and sports in between. It’s all here on your award-winning AM 1450 WBHF.

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