The Adairsville City Council voted to approve a text amendment that would allow residential housing on the second story of commercial buildings, however they failed to make a motion for an application seeking to apply the newly approved amendment.

This application was for a property at 5563 Joe Frank Harris Park Way, which proposed three buildings at the front of the lot and a detention pond in the back. It was stated that the residential part of this lot would 8 to 10 studio apartments that would be on the second story of two commercial buildings.

This application had been read before and was recommended for approval by the unified zoning board with a 7-1 vote. A handful of citizens spoke against the matter citing concerns with flooding, the buffers in place, and noise levels. It was stated that the distance from the residential part of the lot to the backyards of the citizens that voiced concern was 350 feet or more. In addition to that concerns with the dentation pond were all covered under city ordinances and state or federal requirements.

Following the citizens comments opposing the proposal the applicant stood before the council and discussed some of the things he could build on the lot, in comparison to his plan. Some of these items include amusement parks, assisted living facilities, pubs, and office space. all of which could be built directly behind the residential neighborhood at the back of the lot.

Following these statements mayor Kenneth Carson gave a speech about progression in the City of Adairsville, and how he has seen cities in Bartow County die that fail to progress. Following that Carson asked the city council twice to put a motion forward. But, following both requests there was neither a motion to accept or deny this application. Without a motion being put forward the application will not proceed.