One week ago, members of Bartow’s Concerned Black Clergy and the Bartow NAACP asked for the resignation of Bartow County School Board member, Terry Eggert. The group commented on language used by Eggert in a Facebook post regarding protesters and demonstrators following the death of George Floyd.

Eggert did not comment following the meeting. Monday, he released the following statement:

Immediate Release
July 6th, 2020

To Bartow County Citizens and Bartow Board of Education Members
Cartersville— July 6th, 2020 — I would like to take a few minutes to respond to concerns that have recently been raised about me within the community.
In my zest to defend law enforcement who have been under constant attack in the media, I used language that some found offensive. Although my statement was similar to the President’s, I understand that words can have unintentional consequences.
I would like to acknowledge that there are a few who believe my comments were insensitive. This was certainly not my intent and does not reflect who I am as a person.
I care about this community and our Nation. I will always fight for fairness, for my constituents, students, our teachers, and staff. I will work harder to make sure that my words do not distract from my mission.
The board is currently considering what actions, if any, to take. It is my hope that they will commit to work with me for the betterment of all parties involved and not politicize this situation any further. My mission today is the same as it was when I was originally elected. I will continue working hard over the next 2 years to bring common sense business principles to the Bartow County School System. I own my part in this matter, but I will not be intimidated or distracted from the work I have set out to do.
I am committed to working harder to listen to other voices, sitting down with community leaders, and doing my part to help foster healing and forgiveness within our nation and local community. My faith has been my source of strength, and this is what God has placed on my heart to share over the past few days.

I look forward to turning the page on all of this and returning my focus to safely opening our schools and delivering the best possible experience for our students, teachers, and staff.