Dispatch sent a Bartow County deputy to a residence on Bramblewood Point near Cartersville Saturday morning at around 1:46 about an assault report.

A complainant stated she observed a suspicious dark vehicle with the lights off riding up and down her street.

She said she noticed the vehicle turned its lights back on and turned toward the subdivision entrance. The complainant stated she and a friend got into their motor vehicles and followed the suspicious vehicle.

She said it appeared the suspects were car hopping.

The complainant said as she got closer to the suspicious vehicle, it picked up speed to exit the subdivision. She said the suspected vehicle went west on Mission Road. The complainant and her friend pursued to try to get the license plate number.

She stated as they approached the four-way stop at Mission Road and Road 2 South, the suspects began firing shots from a gun toward her vehicle. The complainant said she never saw the weapon, but turned around to return home.

She stated the shots never struck her vehicle.

The friend stated she never saw the weapon but turned around when she saw the complainant turn around.

The responding deputy located five shell casings in the roadway near the intersection.

The deputy went to the residence associated with the license plate number and observed the suspected vehicle.

Inside the vehicle, the deputy noticed two ladies’ purses on the passenger’s side floor.

The deputy searched the residence but was unable to locate any of the suspects.

The BCSO has identified the suspects but is not releasing their identities pending further investigation.