An accident on I-75 northbound about two miles south of the State Route 140 exit in Adairsville claimed the life of 30-year-old Kara Baker of Hillsboro, Tennessee, at around 8:20 Sunday morning.

A Dodge Durango Citadel carrying four family members from Chicago, Illinois, traveled in the right lane negotiating a downhill curve during rainy conditions. It approached a Honda Civic that was disabled and facing southwest after striking a guardrail.

Baker had exited her Civic and was standing on the driver’s side.

The Durango swerved right to avoid Baker and the Civic and struck the guardrail with its right front.

While still in contact with the guardrail, the Durango rotated clockwise and hit Baker and the Civic’s left side with its left side.

As a result, Baker’s body was forced north and came to rest north of the point of impact in the right lane north of her Civic.

The Durango came to rest in the emergency lane against the guardrail facing east.

No one in the Durango suffered any apparent injury.

The Georgia State Patrol Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team is continuing the investigation.