The Cartersville Fire Department responded to the gas department on Cook Street Thursday afternoon in response to a possible gas leak and a sinkhole. The sinkhole opened up under a trailer. No one was injured. The sinkhole was about 25 feet by 30 feet and about 25 to 27 feet deep when the BCFD arrived.

The scene was secured, all utilities in the area were disconnected, Cartersville Electric rerouted power and Cartersville Natural Gas was able to shut down. There were no leaks or exposure.

Everyone present worked on the scene until one a.m. Friday morning. The sinkhole had to be opened up to two or three times larger in order to stabilize it. Air quality was monitored. The main concern was a number of fuel tanks that was close to the sinkhole, but there was never a problem.

Geo-engineers, Bartow County Public Works, Cartersville Gas, and Cartersville water worked with the fire department on the situation.

Everything is fine now. Public works will now investigate the to find the cause of the sinkhole. It will then be sealed up.