Dispatch sent Bartow County deputies to a residence on Holcomb Road near Adairsville Tuesday night regarding a subject with a gunshot wound to the chest.

The alleged victim and two other individuals were on the ground next to a truck. The subject had a small gunshot wound to his upper right chest area. The projectile entered the front of the chest and exited his back to the left of his right shoulder.

Deputies secured the scene.

While a deputy treated the injury, the alleged victim said he was at the bridge on Littlefield Road south of East Plainview Road east of Adairsville. While sitting on the bridge, the subject stated an unknown male drove onto the bridge in a green car, exited the vehicle, said “what’s up, [blank],” then fired two rounds from a firearm at him.

The alleged victim said he retrieved his handgun and returned fire until he did not have any ammo left. He stated the suspect was a black male possibly wearing a hoodie.

The alleged victim made his way back to his truck and drove himself to the residence.

Metro EMS arrived on the scene, began to treat the wounds, and transported the alleged victim to a medical facility.

Officers located shell casings on the bridge.

There is no further information at this time.