Press Release

ATLANTA (May 9, 2017) | Governor Nathan Deal signed Senate Bill 141 into Georgia law on Monday, May 8, 2017. Senator Bruce Thompson (R – White), the sponsor of SB 141, is a vocal advocate for better standards to improve user safety in entertainment industries in Georgia. SB 141 would require carnival rides to go through certain evaluations before being given a permit in the state of Georgia.

“The signing of this bill represents a win-win for both users and providers of carnival rides in Georgia,” said Sen. Thompson. “Through improved safety standards, riders will be safer and operators will be sure their rides are able to handle large crowds. Most people don’t realize just how vital this legislation will be to our state until they see just how easy it is for carnival rides to set up, without having to meet certain safety requirements. By creating these standards, we can ensure the safety of everyone who enjoys carnival rides for generations to come.”

SB 141 requires operators of carnival rides to acquire an engineering evaluation on the ride before a permit is issued, so the ride may be used by the general public in Georgia. This legislation goes into effect on January 1, 2018.