Eight vehicles at four residences within a half-mile of each other were entered into during a car hopping spree that took place in The Planters subdivision outside of Cartersville between July 25th and 26th. Unknown subjects entered property on Katie Ridge, entered into an unlocked Volvo XC60, an unlocked Honda CR-V, and an unlocked gold 2010 Ford F-150, and stole the F-150. The truck’s keys were on the floorboard. The other two vehicles were ransacked, but no items were missing.

Someone entered a blue GMC Sierra at a residence on Planters Drive, opened the glove compartment, and left paperwork on the floor. Nothing was reported missing.

Unknown persons entered an unlocked Lincoln MKZ at a residence on Lamplighter Cove and went through the glove compartment and center console. Nothing was stolen.

Video surveillance at a second residence on Lamplighter Cove captured four suspects entering vehicles at that location. At around 3:37 the morning of the 26th, a vehicle that appeared to be either a Honda Ridgeline or another dark truck, passed that residence. One suspect went to a neighbor’s residence and stood next to his vehicle. The three others went into the yard of the residence with the surveillance camera. Two of them opened the door to a GMC Sierra and took a pistol. A Chevy Malibu was entered into and a cell phone purse with its contents were stolen. A Chevy Suburban was entered into. Nothing was stolen from that one.