The first Aubrey Corporation open house held on Tuesday afternoon turned into a two-hour long question and answer session where concerned citizens inquired about every aspect imaginable in regard to this proposed concept plan. Questions ranged from conserving endangered species to how one would go about purchasing the land themselves. So many people showed up to this first open house that the room where it was being held overflowed. The 2-hour allotment of time for the open house was split in two sessions so that people who were standing outside of the room had a chance to ask questions. In both of the segments the most commonly asked question involved who was buying the land, if it was possible for the state to buy the land and preserve its current condition, and if petitioning state, local and federal government could stop this plan. It was made clear that not only was this land privately owned, but currently the land, as it is currently zoned, could have 7,200 dwelling units built on it. The Pinelog wildlife management area which has been publicly accessible land for the last 46 years is part of this proposed concept plan. This has been made possible by the land being leased annually to the state of Georgia. At this moment, there is a petition that has been circulated which has garnered over 10,000 signatures. Currently the lease with the state of Georgia ends in May, and depending on how this case progresses the land could be cut off from public access. The next open house for this matter will take place on Thursday starting at 4 p.m. Tune into WBHF on Wednesday for the full story.