Euharlee Police Department sees tremendous decrease in speeding cases due to the New Traffic Safety Program to Reduce Excessive Speeding Through Euharlee Elementary and Woodland Middle School Zones

Implementation of an automated traffic enforcement safety device program has been successful, revealing a 95% reduction in speeders.


(Euharlee, GA, January 27, 2022) – The Euharlee Police Department began a traffic survey in February of 2021 believing that we have a need for photo speed enforcement due to excessive speeding during school hours. During the pre-program survey, 3,235 vehicles were recorded speeding through school zones in a five-day period.


Once the speeding problem was verified, the public was notified and educated about the problem and camera systems designed to reduce speeding. Another survey was conducted at the end of the education phase and an 86% reduction from the pre-program survey occurred in speeding vehicles. Fast forward to November 2021, when the warning phase ended, Euharlee officers conducted another study and had an additional decrease of 8%. The program realized a sizeable reduction before the first citation was ever issued thanks to the cooperation and help of the community.


The Euharlee Police Department decided to wait to begin the enforcement phase until January 5, 2022. A new survey was conducted, and the citizens of Euharlee have listened. Euharlee school zones are a safer place with a 95% reduction in speeding vehicles. Speeding violations during the latest five-day study went from 3,235 in the pre-program study down to 181.  The department believes with continued work it is possible to reach a goal of 100% compliance.


Studies show a pedestrian struck at 20MPH has a 9 out of 10 chance of surviving. A pedestrian struck at 40MPH only stands a one in 10 chance in surviving. You do the math! This program saves lives and makes Euharlee a safer place to walk, play and learn.


Press Release from  Euharlee Chief Jody Matthews